Hello, Hugo! - 2023-12-30

Moving my blog from a custom python script to Hugo.

Setting up zer0bin on AWS - 2023-01-01

To get more familiar with AWS I setup 0bin

I read "The Net Delusion" - 2022-07-28

Evgeny Morozov doesn’t miss.

Singularity V2 - 2022-01-15

The trials and tribulations of building my own NAS with Unraid

Switching to Caddy - 2021-08-22

I switched to Caddy from nginx out of a frustration of getting certbot to work with reverse proxies.

I read "21 Lessons for the 21st Century" - 2021-08-09

These are the subjects that stuck with me after finishing the last book in the collection.

Singularity V1 - 2021-07-01

Singularity is my homelab and media server. I’m looking to upgrade so I thought I would document what I am running now.

I read "Homo Deus" - 2021-03-30

After finishing Sapiens I immediately started on Homo Deus. These are the things that stuck with me. - 2021-03-09

San Holo is one of my favourite artists. In his twitter name there is a percentage that changes based on his mood. I made a site to tell whether San Holo was vibrant or not. In this post I talk about how I did it and the challenges of keeping it working as twitter keep changing.

I read "Sapiens - A Brief History of Humankind" - 2021-02-22

After finishing the book I wanted to write a short post on the main points that stuck with me.

Hello, World! - 2021-02-10

In this blog post I talk about starting a blog of my own. I’ve considered a few options but in the end I went with markdown converted to html with a python script.